quarta-feira, 16 de março de 2011

There's always a hope

There's always a hope. Today morning I wake up  with Max and the things did seems strangers. My father in law did send us one message confuse about our apartment. Yes, we are looking for a new apartment because we are coming back at live in Switzerland. Now, We are in Brazil, four months ago we decided live in Brazil, but now we changed idea and we'll back to Switzeland. I am happy and sad for this. Happy because I am a better chance with jobs and because I discovery that I like these country.. I lived there for seven years! And sad because I'll leave my family (mother, father, brothers, nepheus and sisters in law..) but for me and my husband will be better. I'm sure.
And came back at discurse, my day started bad, but finished very good. My friend Kerim will research one apartment for us and will sign the contract, and after will transfer for our names. Seems ok so.  I hope that all finish fine and the Kerim find the our apartment. Lord, help us!!!

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