quinta-feira, 17 de março de 2011

So Far, So soon..

I don’t  know with who i speak, but I speak even so. Maybe I speak for only me.
Today  I found one apartment very cool, seems big.. and the ckichen is good, with the big fridge, dich machine, stove.. is yet very far of  to arrive in my dream, one amazing house, nice job, money for study, but I know that will happen. This evening we gone make walking in the center of city and after I finished in the bycicle ergometric, and then I made abs, and some workouts. For dinner I ate littlle, one kind of cream of corn. Very good. I must lose 3 kilos. see you soon!

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  1. Hello Friend!

    Thanks for visiting one of my spaces.
    Glad you enjoyed my tips.The blog is already updated.Be very welcome there and come back when you want!
    I put your blog on my list as one of the practice of reading.

    That's all!

    Follow your dreams!

    Kisses and see you soon!

  2. Denise, não entendi bulhufas...Dá pra passar isso para o Português?


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