domingo, 15 de maio de 2011

I'm came back and now is forever!

                                                            Not bad my balcony..

Ohhhhhh my God!

After many times without come here, I had the pleasure in receive two (two!!!) visits. Thanks my fryends and let's go!
So, I'm finally in my house, a nice apartment in front at Lago di Lugano in Switzerland italian.. for who no know, I lived here for 7 years and next december, I and my husband tried to live in Brazil, but was no good for many razons and we came back. Now, I am continue my studys in my own house, until arrive the moment to came back to London for a short course. I very hope it hapeness.
Note for my uncle Magnum: Tio, aqui eu só posso escrever inglês, sorry! mas eu continuarei com o Rosa, Chá e Limão, bem como a mamãe pediu, don't worry!
Luuu!!! thank you dear, for add my blog in your english's list, I realy feel important! Lol! 
Kisses for everybody!


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  1. Hi friend!

    Wau!Your blog is very beautiful!

    Thanks for mentioning my name in this post!
    Glad you are back!
    I will return here often!

    Now I will read the next post, ok!?!

    See you,darling


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